Color & Style Selection

Color Choices

Any design may be ordered in the following standard color options:

  • Silver on Black
  • Gold on Black
  • Silver/Gold Blend on Black
  • Copper on Black
  • Shiny Copper (silver highlights)
  • Plum and Copper
  • Sea Green (green with blue and silver highlights)
  • Silver Midnight Blue
  • Lapis Blue with Gold

The basic metallic colors (silver, gold, copper) on black are my most popular choices, however, I do find that repeat customers especially like to have a variety of colors to choose from. My retail (Etsy) shop often features more experimental colors, too.

Style Choices

Embossed Leaves
Based on seasonal/local availability, patterns will include maple, fern, strawberry, oak, beech and more. Intricate textures are brought out by contrasting leather and finish colors. Truly unique and eye-catching nature-based designs.

Lace Texture
Vintage lace imprinted into undyed leather leaves a stunning rich texture, that perfectly picks up surface tones for a and deep rustic look.

Spiral Waves
Goes with everything, suggests air, water, and the slight irregularity reveals that these are not machine-made but hand-embossed using a hand-made stamp before dying and finishing so as to bring out the texture.

Check out my wholesale or retail shops for my latest options: