My leather barrettes are handmade by me in my home studio. I typically have a variety of pre-made barrettes in a variety of colors and styles, available for immediate shipping & retail sales (via Etsy or in person). Many of my designs can be made to order for bulk or wholesale orders, and I also am open to custom design ideas. Let me know what you are looking for!

My barrettes begin with raw, undyed vegetable tanned leather. I source this as scrap from other crafters, out of environmental concerns for waste reduction. The leather is then cut to size, embossed or stamped, then dyed and hand-finished before being securely attached to high-quality French-style barrette clips. My designs are inspired by nature and the world around me, finished with a metallic sheen.

I currently offer a standard “large” size as well as an oversized “extra large” size. These sizes are intended for ladies with long hair, accommodating adult and teen ponytails and twists. For bulk/wholesale orders, boxed packaging could be accomodated, though my preference is simple cardstock, out of concern for the environment and waste reduction.

I designed my barrettes with my own long hair and active lifestyle in mind, and wear them almost daily. Thus I can confidently vouch for their quality and comfort.