About My Leather Work

Leather is one of my favorite materials! I make barrettes, earrings and other accessories from leather in my home studio. It is a wonderful natural material to work with as it holds impressions in a range of colors and textures. This allows me to create beautiful, functional pieces that draw from my aesthetic and experience in printmaking and product design.

I prefer to work with simple tools including stamps, a hammer, a vice, a sharp knife, rivets, dyes and paints, rather than designing for mass-production. Embossed patterns are either hand-tooled or created by pressing various textures and found objects, such as plants and lace, into wet undyed leather. 

And with a low carbon footprint in mind, the raw leather used in my products is not only biodegradable, but is sourced as upcycled pre-consumer waste, reducing rather than adding to our planet’s trash situation in their creation.