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I love direct feedback, and customer reviews are especially helpful as they help  me to improve my products, and to help other customers make decisions. More reviews can be found from customers who purchased my products via Etsy. A few highlights:  


"Best barrettes I've ever found! They hold securely and last forever!"

I'd ordered "a one-of-a-kind handmade work of art, a functional hair ornament built to last and crafted to please the eyes immensely -- and quite reasonably priced as such". The size is incredibly difficult to find, I've NEVER seen leather barrettes with such deceptively simple designs and such intensive attention to detail (the green of the holly barrette is so rich, deep and subtly I'll be back. This adjusted my expectations...and it may have ruined me for going anywhere else.

"It’s perfect! Not heavy, but secure and can hold the right amount of hair. Like when you pull your hair back and think, “oh that looks nice”—this hair clip actually cements that look instead of missing the mark like when you try to use other hair bands. My husband thought the clip very beautiful too"

"Perfect size for holding my long hair in a twisted updo. Unique and lovely, thanks!"

"Amazing work! Absolutely gorgeous in person, not heavy in the hair. Fast shipping. Would buy from this seller many times over."

"Thank you this is a beautiful slide [barrette] and very unusual. I'm very pleased! It's very lightweight which is great for my fine hair. Many thanks indeed."

"This barrette actually works in my thick hair!!! So hard to find!!! Thrilled!"

"This barrette is absolutely gorgeous. I have been searching for hair accessories that are convenient and beautiful. I have extremely curly thick hair and this clip is perfect for allowing me to maintain the mane while still feeling pretty.

"Beautiful barrette, like hair jewelry."

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"I love my earrings! Love the texture and denim shade and lots of bang with no weight❤️"