Barrette Size Options

PlatypusMax barrettes are available in up 4 sizes with French-style spring clips, as well as a stick style, with availability depending on the design. Make sure to order the size & style best suited to your hair! 

For a quick reference: 

Small: best for very thin hair, e.g. young children or older folk. Also great for half-up-dos, or for pulling medium and thicker hair to the side(s) of the face. 

Medium: thin hair e.g. children's ponytails; partial up-dos for medium to thick hair; or to pull very thick hair to side(s) of face. 

Large: medium thick or fine hair ponytails or updos for medium-length hair; partial up-dos for thick hair. 

Extra Large: full ponytails for thick to very thick hair or updos for thick and very long hair. This clip is springier than the other sizes and can hold a lot of hair. 

Stick: holds hair with leather design piece and a wooden stick, great for long or thick hair updos, fully biodegradable. 


  • Clip size: approximately 2.25" / 60 mm
  • Leather piece is 2.75" / 70 mm x .6"/ 14 mm
  • Great for pulling hair to the side of your face, half updos, or ponytails for very fine hair
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    Small hair clip for fine hair


    • Clip size: approximately 2.6" / 70 mm
    • Leather piece is 3.2"/ 85 mm x .75"/ 19 mm
    • Perfect for half updos for medium to thick hair, or full ponytails for thin hair.
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      Medium hair clip for fine hair


      • The clip: 3" (80mm) 
      • Leather upper design piece is 3.75" x .75" (100mm x 20mm)
      • Perfect for ponytails, half up-dos for thicker hair, and twists for long thinner hair.
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        Large hair clip size info


        • The clip: 4" (100mm).
        • Leather upper design piece is 4.75" x .75" (120mm x 20mm)
        • A hard-to-find size giant size, perfect for thick or curly hair, or for twisted updos for longer hair.
        • In other words, it's really big. It holds a lot of hair! 
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        Extra large hair clip for thick hair


        • Leather design piece is 4.75" x .75" (120mm x 20mm)
        • Biodegradable painted wood secures leather perfectly for for twisted updos.
        • Well suited for long, thick, heavy or curly hair types.
        • In other words, it's really big. It holds a lot of hair! 

        Pick your design and the right size for your hair! Check also for coordinating pieces like earrings and cuff bracelets.