Barrette Styles

Shop sustainably handmade leather barrette hair clips by PlatypusMax. Large, extra large and small sizes suitable for a variety of adult hair types: long, thick, curly, fine. Reclaimed natural materials. Beautiful eye-catching designs – like jewelry for your hair! – as well basics like solid black, with strong hold, good for almost any occasion. 

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Barrettes: Basics & Solid Colors
Nature Themed Barrettes
Tooled & Textured Barrettes
Men's & Unisex Barrette Styles
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Silver Barrettes
Copper and Bronze Barrettes
Flower Designs
Blue Barrettes
Green Barrettes
Holiday & Seasonal
Industrial & Steampunk Barrettes
Mandalas & Lace
Red Barrettes
Rainbow and Multicolor Barrettes
Purple Barrettes
Recycled Bike Tube Barrettes
Turquoise Barrettes
Rustic Spirals Barrettes
Dragons & Mermaids
Message Barrettes
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