About PlatypusMax Barrettes

I wear my hair in barrettes, almost every day. I became interested in leather specifically in my quest to make decorative hair clips that actually would hold my hair, and fell in love with the material along the way! 

Decorative and Functional Design

I spend a lot of time testing my clips to make sure they are comfortable to wear and won't fall apart after months of use doing...well...everything in them, including running! I love the extra large size for tidy twists, and also  wear the (smaller) "large" size for ponytails and more free-form twists, and find that hairs don't get uncomfortably ripped and pulled as they do with many other barrettes I own. 

The clips themselves are large, high quality, sturdy French-style metal barrette clips with tension bar. The leather is very securely attached to the clip with metal rivets that will not come off without significant effort/power tools. They are available in a variety of designs, colors and textures.

4 Different Sizes!

Designs are available in up to 4 different sizes, to suit a variety of hair types and thicknesses. Find your perfect hair clip fit! 

Size details

Barrette sizes


    Complex color blends that bring out unique textures is a signature element of many of my designs, but I also offer basics such as matte black and basic copper. 

    The leather I work with starts out sandy tan, and for most designs is dyed black after tooling or embossing the desired texture. I use an antique-style vinegaroon dye, which is made from simple household ingredients. For all but basic black styles, colors are layered with a combination of sponge and rollers before sealing for long-term wear and protection. 

    Most colors are available to be applied to any design for a custom order. This is a sampling of my most popular colors.

    Standard color options for barrettes

    Custom Orders

    Please fill out the contact form if you have a custom request. Other than one-of-a-kind designs, I can typically accommodate requests for custom text messages (with character limits) and color requests from my existing palette. Let me know what you're looking for and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!