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Maker of Things: How I Got Here. On Setting My Own Course

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Hello and welcome to my journey as a designer, maker, online shop owner and chronic upcycler. What a journey it has been, and I feel like I am just starting off on the upswing of it, with the destination yet to be seen. 


As a designer or artist, there is a sort of magic that takes place when your work goes out into the world and is purchased by someone other than your mom or best friend -- a complete stranger is out there validating that what you have done is real enough to spend their money on it.


Making things that are sustainable is also of critical importance to me. This doesn't always mean the same thing. Sometimes it's about less material, sometimes it's about durable materials, and sometimes it's about finding a use for trash, and I am happy to say that I feel like I'm generally finding the sweet spot on this with everything I create. 

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